Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Look Ma! No brakes!

It seems like I've done almost nothing since the last post. I did manage to get all the hydraulics off the bike over the last few days. Calipers, brake lines and master cylinders all gone. In each caliper I noticed one brake pad worn almost to the metal, and the other looked almost new.

I've also been attacking the various frame areas where black spray paint was applied (or mis-applied). After trying a few cleaning methods, the one I use the most is Orange GoJo hand cleaner. Rubbing gently with a rag or paper towel seems to dissolve the gunk and lightly abrades the aluminum, leaving a clean layer of metal.

It looks like the wheels were also painted a few times. Needless to say, none of the paint applications were well done. In fact, the wheels look like they were painted with a brush. It's hard to tell from the posted picture, but if you look close, there are some purple and white spots showing through on the edge of the rims.
Sometimes I think that all this attention to finish details is a waste. But I'm not a good enough mechanic to blaze through the disassembling and have everything committed to memory. Soo, I will continue to obsess and document.

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