Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chain Lube Cleanup

I started preliminary cleanup, focusing on the engine bay, so I can get a feel for motor layout. Unfortunately, the caked on chain lube is everywhere. The more time I spend trying to get that junk off, the more I realize a chain drive is just not going to happen on my bike.

Harley's and other cruisers have used belts for a long time. Years ago, I had a Kawasaki GPz305 with a belt drive. Ever since that bike, I couldn't understand why anyone would want a chain. No lube, no adjustment, no mess and super quiet.

The downside is that a belt drive limits how small the size of the front sprocket, because the belt can't bend around a small sprocket (pulley) without seriously affecting life span of the belt. So this means a jackshaft will be needed to reduce the speed of the final drive, adding some costs and complexity to the project.

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