Sunday, September 28, 2008

Donor bike comes home - 1991 Suzuki GSXR 750

I scanned Craig's List for a suitable bike, day after day, for almost two months. The goal was to get a decent rolling chassis, and have most of the bodywork in serviceable shape. I was really hoping to find an FZR600, since I used to have one and am familiar with them. Nothing even close to my price range came up within reasonable driving distance.

Finally, I put in my own ad, specifying a non-running, middle-weight sport bike, and listed the acceptable models. I had a few replies for stuff that wasn't going to work, and even heard from another guy looking for the same thing. I was getting very discouraged when a guy replied that had a GSXR and was close by. He didn't want to go any lower than my max price, but it was worth looking at.

After looking at the Gixxer, and visiting with seller I left with a good impression of both. The bike has a unique aluminum frame with lots of room for batteries and motor. It also has an adjustable suspension in the front and back. While I pondered the possibilities, I had a few hits on FZR's, but they turned out to be less than honest. I was convinced to move ahead with the Gixxer.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First Post to Blog

This blog was created to document the progress of a motorcycle conversion to an Electric Vehicle (EV).

The goals / limitations for this project:

- Less weight than the original published dry-weight: 458 lbs.
- Decent acceleration. If it's not faster than a scooter, please shoot me.
- Theoretical top speed of 50 mph at 64 Volts. (Reality will be closer to 45)
- No frame modifications, utilize existing mount points.
- Design mounting brackets and plates to created a "bolt-in" kit
- Project Cost: less than $5,000 (I hope)