Project Summary

Current Status
Chassis:  1991 Suzuki GSX-R 750
Top Speed: 48mph
Range: 25 miles
Weight:  430 lbs.  
Batteries: Headway 40160S (16AH)
Pack Configuration:  25s2p  (50 cells)
System Voltage: 80V 
Controller:  AllTrax 7245
Motor:  D&D ES-15A-6 (10HP continuous, 25HP peak)
Gearing:  12 tooth front / 68 tooth rear sprockets
Bodywork:  1990 GSX-R 750 with custom tail
Throttle:  Magura 0-5 kOhm
Custom Fabrication:  Battery Holders, Motor Mounts and Battery Trays

To Do
Suspension rework
Add more Headways 
Vicor DC-DC converter to run lighting
Battery management or monitoring system
Amp Meter
Volt Meter 
Belt Drive 
AirTech Tailsection

A slideshow of highlights, for those with a short attention span.