Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Break

Due to comittments with our local Little League Baseball program, I will not have much time to spend on El Gixxer until summer.

I've done several more wood patterns for the motor mounts, tweaking various features. The latest version uses slightly bigger hoop to go around the right end of the motor (actually closer to the middle). The loop will be cut and some angle sections added to make a clamping mechanism.

I did have the opportunity to read "Powering the Future" by Tom Koppel. It's the story of the Ballard Fuel cell, and at the time it was written (circa 1999) the Fuel Cell was hailed as a revolution in automotive power. Although still viable, the infrastructure for Hydrogen or Methane to power the fuel cells is lacking and killed the momentum behind it. It's a powerful lesson to those of us that think EV's are ready to take on the world.