Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stripped Naked

I finished removing the front end tonight. Now it's just a frame and a welded sub-frame. The frame feels a lot lighter than it looks. I'm guessing around 30 lbs, but I will weigh it to be sure.
Why strip the frame completely? Isn't that overkill, just for an EV conversion?
Well, now the fun begins: reverse engineering the bike. The next few weeks will be spent measuring the frame geometry in order to build a 3D cad model.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GSXR 750 Swing Arm Removal

Time to remove the rear end of the Gixxer. After some second class carpentry to create a stand, I was ready to remove the rear end.

The upper mount of the shock was attached to the frame by four socket head cap screws threaded into the strut between the frame rails. I've never seen so much lock-tite in my life. Aluminum threads are notorious for tearing, so I reluctantly used a 16" piece of pipe to extend the leverage on my allen wrench. Even after breaking them loose, it took a lot of force to back them out.

The swingarm pivot shaft came out easily, but the swing arm remained in place, because of a threaded spacer. I browsed some Gixxer forums, and learned my options were to buy a specialty tool ($$), use a hammer and screw driver (ouch), or make my own tool.
My tool consists of a 5/32 hex wrench, ground to fit between points in a 32mm socket. Note the angled ends of the hex wrench. Worked like a charm.