Monday, January 17, 2011

Headway Pack 2.0

Upon receipt of my second set of 25 Headway 40160s cells,  I immediately began to conjure up way to configure them in the bike.  My first plan was for two sub-blocks of cells (5x5) and have the batteries sit length-wise across the width of the tray.  In theory the cells would fit, but I failed to account for the screws & washers on the ends of the batteries.  The two sub-packs would be 1/2" too wide.  Oops, back to the drawing board.

After a some playing around I came up with this arrangement.  It's not ideal,  but it's unique looking, fits the alloted space and there are some advantages to the layout.
There is just enough room on front/back of the pack to allow my hand in for taking voltage readings.  I also have enough room to add a cover/shield to prevent curious fingers from getting shocked.  This is probably not the final pack hardware, but will definitely work for the short term.