Saturday, October 4, 2008

Adios Mr. Chain.

I couldn't stand looking at the chain or working around it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a master link on the chain, and don't have a chain-breaker in my sparsely equipped toolbox. I ground the head off two of the pins, and then drove a screwdriver between adjacent plates. Crude, but effective.

I removed several brackets around the rear end, and stopped to take some pics. Hopefully, the pictures will prevent re-assembly brain glitches ("where the heck does this go"?). While taking the pictures, I noticed the lack of clearance between the face of the chain sprocket and the swing arm. Not a lot of room for a belt pulley.... hmm. I will be measuring this area very carefully.

I've been emailing questions to Phil at Supermax, to get some more details on their pulleys. The pulleys look awesome, but their website is pain to navigate, and no dimensional specs are listed anywhere. Fortunately, they respond to inquiries quickly and seem very nice.

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