Monday, March 1, 2010

Vanity and Power

As is often the case with a well used bike, many pieces are not quite original or altogether missing.  Such was the case for my mirrors:  missing in action.  Truth be told, I never liked the the Gixxer stock mirrors from the 80's and early 90's.  I went searching for something a little more fashionable.  I found this "blingin" set for a reasonable price at  The chrome is a little over the top, but matches the fasteners I've been putting on the body work. I'm fairly sure my kids are horrified by my sense (or lack) of style.

I started playing with the battery layout.  The six 17AH units fit with room to spare in the upper battery tray.   The maze of wires is starting to hit home.

The "dedicated charger for each battery" scheme has one serious drawback - cable management.  Where am I supposed to stuff these things?


  1. I would find a place for those chargers that will be open to air flow. I speak from experience with these chargers, a small muffin fan would be advisable also. I used a 120vac muffin fan I found on ebay to cool those babies off. They will get warm. :-) Greg

  2. Good point. I'm thinking of putting them behind the upper battery tray. I will definately leave room for airflow.