Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mounting the Shield

Finally got around to mounting the Shield.  I had planned to use the original motor mounts and have the bolts thread from the outside to the threaded bosses on the interior of the frame.  Problem is that the threads are lined up horizontally, and the surface I'm fastening is about 12 degrees offset.

I had to make a decisions to backtrack on the purely "bolt in" philosophy, but I figure anyone converting thier bike should have a drill and a grinder. I ground the motor mount bosses down close to the frame, but not too close as to remove all the welded material.  Then I clamped the shield into place and drilled holes slightly bigger than the existing threads (5/16"). The holes are perpendicular to the frame surface, positioned so the drill reamed out the threads at the new angle.

I then clamped the Tray to the Shield, drilled four holes, and threw in some 1/4" grade 8 bolts.  Eventually, I will probably use some stainless button head screws but, for now I like the looks of the gold colored grade 8 hardware.

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