Friday, June 5, 2009

Action Flick

I just had to do a quick connect with 12V to see the rear wheel turn under battery power. Most triumphant!

The battery's I used are some burned out SLA's from a UPS. I've been placing them on a charger to see if they can be recovered, but they wont hold a charge over 13.2V. Good enough for the demo and testing phase though.


  1. Love your project, glad to see your making progress again. Seriously your are a perfectionist my friend. Let some details go and keep moving. 13.4 volts isn't bad!

  2. Wow, just 12 volts? Imagine 60 or 72 volts! You will surely have the acceleration you are looking for. Good job. Do it right.

  3. Hey just found your blog totally stoked to see you are converting a GSX-R just like me to bad your not closer then when we're done we can get together and race!

  4. fantastic build

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