Sunday, May 31, 2009

Motor Mount v2.0

Ok, so it's not completely bolted up yet, and there are still a few hiccups to iron out on the final design, but the motor mounts are on!
You might notice the extra hole near one of the bolts for the motor face. Oops, the dummy running the mill forgot to zero the x & y axis before moving to the position for the first hole. To cover my mistake, I ended up rotating the bolt pattern 14 degrees, so now the chain will have less clearance for the mounting bolt closest to the swing-arm.

I'm also not thrilled about the flanges I bolted on to provide a clamping action around the motor, as they look a little cheezy. I would have been better served by a couple of pieces of 3/4" x 1" aluminum stock.
Another lesson learned: plasma tends to cut features about .075" smaller that drawn, so I ended up doing a lot of handwork to enlarge the internal diameters on both brackets.

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